One of a Kind


project: Reclaimed Redwood Doors

These redwood doors were made from reclaimed wooden wine vats. Here you get to see a little bit of the process that went into the final project: the first picture shows what the redwood boards on the pallet at pick-up, the second picture shows the wood after it had been turned into planks, the third picture shows the wood transforming into doors for a client's home, and the final two pictures show the doors in place and hung.


Project: sofits

A challenging project which came out very nicely. Very clean results, perfectly straight over the whole 40' span over the sliding doors (challenging as the walls were not in line), all veneered with Old Growth Redwood from the same plank so that it looked seamless! Fun because we pulled it off, but also because it was truly a close collaborative effort between the homeowner and myself. Another client becomes a friend. Win-win!


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